Baker Hughes Energy Ideas
Generation Program

Batch 2 Winners


Selected Startups


We’re a team of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, on a mission to develop sustainable carbon removal solutions. At our core, we are a technology-driven company, focused on scalable innovations that tackle climate change.


We’re CENmat, a vertically integrated water electrolyser company built for the climate era. Our breakthrough technologies allow the production of economical and truly green hydrogen. We call it electrolysis transformation.
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Cooling Photonics

Boost profitability & sustainability. We develop materials that cool down any surface, without the need of energy. Up to: 35ºC decrease when surfaces are above ambient. 10ºC decrease when surfaces are at ambient.


SolidWatts enables the electrification of power-hungry industrial processes that require heat to fulfil a process. To achieve this we design, build and supply the world’s highest performing Solid State Power Amplifiers.

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Workshop at
Baker Hughes's Florence Campus

During the workshop the teams had the chance to have an open discussion with a Baker Hughes’ Experts on “Strategies for Intellectual Property management” and a round table with the Nuovo Pignone’s president on Leadership & team management.

Networking Event: “Energizing Innovation”

First edition of the Networking Event presented by Baker Hughes Industrial and Energy Technology, Research and Technology Team held at the Nana Bianca Innovation Center. The startups had the opportunity to meet with a wide panel of participants ranging from representatives of Universities, Research Centers, partners, to Baker Hughes Executives, and had the chance to interact and get insight for their growth.

Workshop at Nana Bianca
Innovation Center

During the workshop, three plenary meetings were held by the experts from Nana Bianca network involving: convergence session, KPI identification and monitoring for business growth, public speaking coaching.

One on one mentoring sessions

During the program, 70+ One on One sessions have been conducted by Baker Hughes mentors and experts. The sessions were customized according to the specific needs of each start up to provide them valuable insights, guidance, advice and support based on their own experiences and knowledge.

Leveraging Baker Hughes capabilities to incubate technologies

Data Science

Technology Testing Labs & Scales

Digital & Emerging Technologies

Materials & Process Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering

World class labs and testing facilities globally

Scope of the Open Innovation Program

Subject Matter Experts involved into the program

Batch 2 Remarks

In the European start ups landscape there are tons of accelerator programs with a variety of qualities, some good some bad, but I think what is significant with this program and why we decided to join, was that we are partnering up with the leading industrial partner with an immense skillset in the field we’re operating in. So with Baker Hughes for us to be able to get direct access to a carbon capture portfolio was immense and I don’t think any other accelerator would be able to give us that kind of insight.


We have every week at least two hours of interaction, which was always great. So the people at Baker Hughes always listen to us, they understand what we need, they go back to discuss internally and come back with new experts, new insights that can really help us further. This is the differentiator from all other acceleration program that we have been attending. So for example, in other acceleration programs, they just work down a sheet, so you have to do this, this .. and that’s it. In the Baker Hughes program it’s us who tell what we need and they come back with all the support and help they can give us.


One point that is really relevant for us are all the resources that they had put inside of our company like from business mentors to technical mentors also related to engineering. So this one was invaluable. We have been part of other incubation programs and the thing I would highlight as a differentiator is that at some point during this program they have become even part of our company. So we have been deeply involved, every week we have been doing meetings: it’s intense, but on the other side you learn and you growth really fast!

Cooling Photonics

We have been part of multiple accelerators or incubation programs and most of them are not driven by a corporate so it’s more like organizations which help working on generic things. Here we have a component of that as well, it’s the Nana Bianca part trying to somehow address what is a general help for general problems that everybody is facing, but the main difference is that people like subject matter experts and people from Baker Hughes are actively searching for a business case together with us in order to have a partnership.


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